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About TUS Library

The library is committed to the provision of innovative, insightful and relevant information services and resources.

As your knowledge and information skills hub, the TUS library  facilitates discovery, research and collaboration for our students.

As an essential student resource, TUS library is committed to:

  • enhancing the student experience by investing in our library spaces and by advancing our library collections, services and supports
  • providing 24 hour access to scholarly resources
  • providing access to spaces and facilities for learning and study
  • providing support and assistance from our dedicated staff
  • connecting with you – on live chat / by email / by phone / or via social media channels.

         We look forward to meeting you. 

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Supports available to students

Our Students have access to a dedicated team of library consultants and Online Resources. The TUS library team are always on hand via live support chat and offer a wealth of supports and training programmes to our students.

Faculty Librarians

Schedule a customized workshop/library tutorial for your class. Find guidance on information skills, including using the library catalogue, database searching and evaluating information. Get advice and support on managing your references. Schedule a personal consultation for advice on how to best discover the literature related to your research area (Postgraduate study only)

Assistive Technologies

Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands provides a comprehensive Assistive Technology (AT) service that is central to the facilitation of students with disabilities. AT refers to any item, piece of equipment or product system that may be used by a person with a disability to perform specific tasks, improve functional capabilities and become more independent.

Library Skills & Training

The Library provides library skills sessions for students throughout the academic year. These sessions will show you how to search for information for your assignments, teach you how to develop a search strategy, teach you how to correctly reference, and much more! Sessions include: Library inductions, Information sources, Using the library catalogue, Copyright and plagiarism, Citing and referencing, Using electronic resources, Bibliographic database searching

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Online Resources

Open Educational Resources are Freely available and immediately accessible resources for students to retain and reuse throughout their studeis at TUS. There are a range of resources available such as Textbooks, Lecture Slides, Podcasts, Online courses, Videos and more.

Academic, Postgraduate and Researcher Services

Subject specific research support, institutional Repository, Research guides and Supports, Clinics & Classes, Academic Writing Services and Open Access Textbooks

Collections - E-Books, Journals, Theses, Exam Papers, databases, Open Ed Resources, Research Repository

The library provides access to a variety of information resources to support your learning, and research. These include print and online resources comprising books & eBooks; journals & ejournals; and databases. You can search all of the library’s electronic collections through the library collections feature.

Learn how to log in to your library account

Learn about library procedure & Services, Logging into your library account, Referencing, Sourcing academic material, Essay & Research supports and databases.

Beginner Friendly

The Library provides library skills sessions for students throughout the academic year. These sessions will show you how to search for information for your assignments, teach you how to develop a search strategy, teach you how to correctly reference, and much more!

Student Supports

The Online Library is home to a vast amount of supports for new and returning students, Whether its  finding your way around Microsoft 365, Submitting drafts via Turnitin or accessing wellbeing supports, Library guides can guide you step-by-step through the process.

Positive living and Wellbeing Guide

The library positive living collection provides a wide range of reading material on the topics of positive living, personal health and wellbeing.

Getting Started Online

Throughout your journey at TUS you will need to become familiar with a wide range of technology tools. This guide will allow you to familiarise yourself with the main platforms required for your course.

Academic Integrity

Referencing is an important aspect of the research you will undertake as part of your studies at TUS. This guide will explain all you need to know about referencing from styles to software.

Student Testimonials

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“The library helped me to discover research on my master’s thesis topic, which I would have never found if i hadn't booked a session with my subject librarian.”
Lisa Hallway
“As a student returning to University, I found it difficult getting used to all the different systems required. However, Library guides showed me how to set myself up on the various different systems, so I could focus on the learning”
Luis Alberto
Social Care
“As I decided to upskill in an area which i had little experience in. finding material snad referencing them was a big challenge for me. However, I was able to source more than i needed from the library to get my assignments done
James Carter
Web Design
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