Pre Induction 2023-2024

Welcome to the Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning’s Pre-Induction.

The objective of the Pre-Induction is to introduce you to the TUS Midland’s Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online and Distance Learning and the Department of Lifelong Learning. During the Pre-induction you will be introduced to the IT systems, Library services, Student Supports, and Online Open Educational Resources systems that you will be accessing as you learn with TUS Midlands. These are available to you to support you in your learning while you are with us. The Pre-Induction includes a link on how to access your programme timetables. Your programme’s timetable will outline your programme’s modules, module lecturers, lecture evenings/timings and the schedule of both teaching semesters of the 2023/2024 academic year.

Further, as you browse the web site pages, we would encourage you to take note of important dates for your diary for example the dates of Phase II Online Student Induction, Examinations, Connectivity Days, Saturday lecture dates, Academic Writing Classes Online and mid-term/Christmas/Easter holidays.  

To support you through the Pre-induction – we have structured it into a series of eight (8) steps. Simply click on the relevant step below and you will be directed to the relevant page. 

Step 1: Welcome from the Faculty 

Welcome to the Department of Lifelong Learning for the 2023/2024 academic year.  

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Lifelong Learning for the 2023/2024 academic year. Thank you for choosing TUS Midlands for your part time and flexible programme of learning. Our wide range of programmes are designed to give you the skills and knowledge you require for your professional development and career progression.  

Our programmes are delivered in an online format. During the upcoming academic year, you can balance your work and other commitments and study at a pace that suits you. Our programmes are delivered by lecturers with extensive industry experience.  

Our department’s team will ensure that your educational journey with us, from your registration to your graduation, is enjoyable, rewarding and memorable. We are committed to ensuring that each student is supported and can succeed in their programme.  

I wish you a very rewarding and enjoyable programme of study. I encourage you to reach out to us in the Department at any stage of the programme, if you need any assistance. Our Department’s team will assist you, no matter how minor or major the challenge you may be experiencing. 

I wish you the very best during the 2023/2024 academic year. 


Seadna Ryan  

Head of the Department of Lifelong Learning 

Step 2: TUS Academic Regulations and Academic Calendar 

The following are important aspects of your programme that you should familiarise yourself with while studying with TUS Midlands. 

TUS Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes

This sets out the regulations, policies, guidelines, and procedures in relation to taught programmes at TUS Midlands. It contains details on registration, examination and assessment regulations, academic integrity, granting of module exemptions, procedures for late submissions of assessments, deferrals, and withdrawals from programmes.

TUS Academic Regulations

Academic Calendar 

The Academic Calendar outlines all term dates and time. On commencement, each student should make themselves aware of term dates. Typically, lectures do not take place during non-term time. Click below to access the Faculties academic calendar for 2023/24. 

Student Academic Calendar 


Netiquette describes a set of rules on how we engage with each other when learning and collaborating as students online and in particular while attending an online lecture with us at TUS Midlands.  

Please click below to access our general guidelines on online lecture etiquette.  

Zoom Ettiquette

Consent to Record 

The decision to record lectures/classes is made by the relevant lecturer at their own discretion. All lectures delivered in an online mode will be recorded. So all participants attending TUS Midlands blended or online programmes are duly advised of this. 

Students are asked to take note of the following in relation to Distribution of Recordings. 

  • Recordings of online content cannot be distributed to different class groups because they contain other participant’s personal data. 
  • By default, recordings will be published to the appropriate module on the VLE(Moodle) in which the live lecture forms part of. 
  • To assist students with course revision and examination preparation, lecture recordings should remain accessible on the VLE for the duration of the module. 
  • Recordings of student presentations for the purposes of assessment will be available to the Module Lecturer in which the assessment is taking place only and will be deleted after the assessment period has ended. 
Student Code of Practice in relation to Recordings 
  1. Lecture/class recordings may not be reproduced, transferred, exchanged, distributed, or displayed in any public or commercial manner. In this context, the following is strictly prohibited: 
  2.  The copying, by any means, of recorded lectures /classes. 
  3. The passing of recorded lectures / classes to any third party. 
  4. The posting/displaying of recorded lectures / classes on any public forum including the internet and all electronic fora. 
  5. Students are reminded that covert audio and/or visual recording of lectures / classes is strictly prohibited and will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter. 
  6. Students who are in breach of this Code of Practice may be subject to disciplinary measures under the TUS Student Code of Conduct and Discipline procedures. 
  7. Students are reminded of the importance of adhering to codes of practice / conduct in relation to dignity and respect while attending lectures / classes. 
  8. Recordings of student class participation will not be used against students for disciplinary purposes. 

Assignment / Coursework Submission Rules 

To ensure consistency in our treatment of all learners, the Faculty and Department has a set of rules in relation to assignment submission. If they are not adhered to penalties will apply. These rules will be outlined to you during your Phase 2 Live Student Online Induction. 

 Assignment/Coursework Submission Rules

Step 3: TUS IT Systems

As an online student, you will be given access to the following TUS IT systems that you will use during your programme: 

Microsoft Office 365: a suite of tools to help you learn 

All our students have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. These include MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Outlook, amongst others. You also have considerable storage facilities with MS OneDrive. 

Getting started with TUS Student IT Facilities Guide 

Getting Started with TUS student IT Facilities

Student IT Acceptable Usage Policy 

Student IT AUP

How to set up Multi Factor Authentication 

How to Setup MFA ( 

How to manage MFA if changing phones 

How to manage MFA if changing phones ( 

Take a look at MS Office 365 Training 

All our students have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. These include MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Outlook, amongst others. You also have considerable storage facilities with MS OneDrive. TUS also offers registered students the opportunity to develop their skills in MS Office with free certified training. See link below to access this.  

Microsoft 365 Training 

Moodle: our virtual learning environment 

Moodle is where you will find Learning Resources and activities for your classes, coursework and assessments. You will access Moodle through your TUS Office 365 account. 

Student Guide to Moodle 

Moodle – Student Guide – Subject & Study Guides at TUS Library Midlands ( 

Zoom: our live, online teaching platform 

To deliver our online classes we use the online meeting platform, Zoom, which allows us to provide engaging sessions using its many features. Your lecturers will share the Zoom links for your online class with you via Moodle. 

Step 4: TUS Library

Welcome to TUS Library

TUS Library provides collections, services and supports to assist students in completing assignments and exploring beyond your reading lists to learn more about your chosen area of study.

Library staff have created a number of guides to support your learning, including:

Student Guide: Getting Started Online – designed to help you get started on the main platforms we use such as Office 365, Moodle, Zoom and the Library.

Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online & Distance Learning Library Guides – compiled to ensure you can easily access high quality and relevant resources, including business and management databases, books and journals.

Library guides have also been developed to support your academic writing skills, including referencing. Explore the full range of Library guides to learn more.  

Library training 

Library staff provide regular online training sessions to help you to source information from Library databases and to appropriately use this information in your academic writing. Access the Library skills and training calendar to register for an online Library training session. 

Accessing the Library

The Library is located in the main building on campus and is open Monday – Friday (09:00 – 21:30) and Saturdays (09:00 – 16:00). Library staff are contactable at:

All students can access resources electronically remotely and while on the TUS Midlands campus. All TUS students can avail of Library resources onsite, including use of study space, printing and reserving group study rooms.  

Step 5: Student Supports

The University has a range of student supports. If you need any assistance, please contact your Student Advisor (each programme has a designated Student Advisor, whom you will meet during Phase 2 Induction) or the Department of Lifelong Learning. 

If you wish to contact the Department of Lifelong Learning, the contact details are as follows

The Department’s opening hours are as follows 

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm 

During the 2023/2024 academic year, the opening hours are as follows; 

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am to 10pm 
  • Friday: 9am to 4pm 

To access supports during your programme, please view the following links:

Student Learning Portal 

Student Learning Portal | Technological University of the Shannon ( 


Examinations | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Learning supports 

Learning Support | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Pastoral Care 

Learning Support | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Student Health Service 

Student Health Service | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Student Finances 

Finances | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Student Counselling Service 

Counselling | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Student Careers Office 

Careers Office | Technological University of the Shannon ( 

Step 6: Online Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse at no cost, and without needing to ask permission. OER include materials such as textbooks, lecture slides, podcasts, online courses, videos and quizzes.

TUS have created a dedicated OER Library guide to support you in accessing relevant OER, including a dedicated OER index for Continuing Professional, Online & Distance Learning.

OER can be used in conjunction with resources purchased by TUS Library to support and enhance your learning. All sources used for your assignments and academic writing, including OER, should be referenced appropriately to give credit to the authors.

A number of OER have been created to support those returning to education, which may be of interest to you, including:

Step 7: How to Access Your Timetables

This page contains information on accessing your Programme Timetable and Examination Timetable. Your Timetable is set annually and should not change.  If a change is to occur all students will be notified. 

Typically, most flexible learning programs are on two (2) evenings per week and a number of Saturdays per semester. While the timetable shows the days of the week and times, each individual programme lecturer will advise you of your Saturday classes dates. 

To access your Timetable, make sure that you are aware of your programme code. Each programme has a programme code and this is what is required for your timetable.  To find it – simply look in the prospectus and it is beside the programme of study that you have chosen. 

Accessing your Programme’s Timetable 

Then follow the following Instructions 

  1. Click on the link Timetables Scientia Ltd – 2.1.0 ( 
  2. Enter your User name and Password (these are similar to the user name and password you use to access TUS Office 365) 
  3. For Department – Use ‘Lifelong Learning’ 
  4. For Student Group – select your programme code and name 
  5. Weeks to view – Select All year 
  6. Days to view: Select All Days 
  7. Start / End Time Select 08.00 – 22.00 (All Day) 
  8. Timetable layout: Select Grid, Print Friendly Grid or List Layout 
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