Master of Business Administration MBA
This Executive MBA has been specifically designed to meet the needs of both practising and aspiring middle and senior managers. Whilst there is a strong emphasis on academic content, much of the assessment has been designed to ensure that this is applied to a variety of organisational contexts.
Start Date
1 Year
"The Executive MBA programme at Technological University of the Shannon is characterised by applying the latest thinking in management and leadership to solve real-world business problems. Students will be challenged by faculty who have extensive experience of industry, and whose teaching connects ground-breaking theory with the business stories making the news. The culture of the TUS Executive MBA is one of teamwork; where students will work together with classmates to solve complex business problems. A residential weekend at the start of the programme provides the perfect opportunity for getting to know fellow classmates, while obtaining an overview of this challenging degree. With participants drawn from the private and public sectors, start-ups and multinationals, students will develop the analytical skills and acumen to appreciate business forces and decision making scenarios from a wealth of different perspectives. On the TUS Executive MBA, you will encounter a variety of teaching and learning approaches. For example, you will spend a significant proportion of your time participating in case study exercises and working on assignments in small groups. This will provide an opportunity for understanding different viewpoints, as well as sharing experiences and ideas. Group work will also allow you to practice skills of analysis and, through discussion, to argue for and negotiate solutions to problems."
"Strategic Human Resource Management Innovation and Project Management Organisational Development Leadership and Change Corporate Finance Management Consulting Project Dissertation"
Full-time on the TUS Midlands (Athlone) campus. Lectures will be distributed across Mon- Friday, with occasional site visits on Saturdays and weekends.
Entry Requirements:
Entry to the Executive MBA requires you to have at least five years’ work experience, with three years in a management related role. In addition, you should hold a recognised degree, or a postgraduate diploma in management; or a relevant professional qualification.
Upon completion of an MBA program at Technological University of the Shannon, students have several progression options available to them. Many graduates choose to continue their academic pursuits by pursuing a PhD in Business or a related field, which can lead to opportunities in academia or research. Others may choose to seek out executive-level positions within their current organization or pursue career advancement opportunities elsewhere. Graduates may also choose to start their own businesses, leveraging the skills and knowledge gained during their MBA program. Regardless of the chosen path, the rigorous coursework and practical experience gained during an MBA program at TUS will provide graduates with a strong foundation for success in their chosen field.
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