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With a clear focus on meeting the evolving needs of society and industry , TUS Flexible Learning puts the individual needs of our students and industry partners front-and-centre.

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Flexible learning with Industry-Led courses from a globally recognised technological university.

Flexible learning is a modern approach to education that allows students to tailor their studies to their unique needs and goals. One way to access flexible learning opportunities is through industry-led courses offered by a globally recognized technological university. Our courses are designed and taught by industry experts, giving students a chance to learn the latest skills and technologies directly from those who are currently using them in their professional practice. This allows students to stay current and competitive in the job market, and to make the most of their time in university.

TUS Flexible Learning is a globally recognized technological university with a diverse student body and a wide range of programs, providing students with a rich and stimulating learning environment.


Our Subject Areas


We offer a wide range of programmes in Business & Management, Accounting, Law, Hospitality and Computing. There is a choice of programmes from Certificate to Masters.

Quality & Engineering

We offer a wide range of programmes in Engineering, Packaging, Quality Management, Validation and Lean Management. All programmes are delivered online and led by industry experts.

Social Science

We offer a wide range of programmes in Social Sciences which allow students to learn about the social, cultural, political and economic forces which shape our lives and the world in which we live. Each course in this faculty is designed to give students the necessary skills to upskill/reskill and research in this area.


The Faculty of Science
provides a wide and diverse range of part-time programmes. The faculty places emphasis on being leaders in new technological developments and designing new and innovative programmes to support local, national and international industry partners.

Built Environment

We offer a wide range of part time up-skilling programmes in the area of built environment. Our programmes are continuously monitored and updated in accordance with quality and relevance to both students & Industry.


TUS Flexible Learning offers a wide rnage of management programmes which focus on transversal areas of research such as business strategy, organisational behaviour, financial management and leadership. Our faculty members are experts in their field who provide students with hands-on learning opportunities through internships, case studies and live projects.

Art & Design Courses

Limerick School of Art & Design is a world-renowned centre of fine art and design with an award winning reputation for the best art and desgin education in Ireland. This faculty uses leading practitioners in the field to ensure courses are informed by the latest developments in the wider world of art & design internationally.


The B.A in Law offers a comprehensive and rigorous education which prepares students for successful careers in the Irish Legal field. Our experienced faculty members are experts in their respective areas of law and place emphasis on offering students hands-on learning opportunities in areas such as Criminal Law, Business Law and Constitutional Law.

Digital & IT

Our Digital and Information Technology lecturers are dedicated to providing innovative and dynamic courses which help students to leverage the latest technologies and digital strategies required by Industry. With a degree from this department , your sure to come out on top when competing in today's digital landscape.

Human Resource

Our CIPD accredited courses offer professionals in the field of human resources and other relevant fields the skills to succeed in their roles. Our courses cover a wide range of subjects from the basics of recruitment and selection to advanced topics such as employee relations and performance management. Our courses are the perfect way to advance your career in human resources and become a top-performing HR professional!


Unlock the skies and discover a world of opportunity with our aviation courses. Our courses offer comprehensive and practical training for those looking to enter the exciting field of aircraft maintenance. Whether your a beginner or an experienced professional, our courses will provide you with the tools for a rewarding career in aviation maintenance.

Culinary Arts

Unleash your culinary creativity and master the art of cooking with our comprehensive culinary arts courses. Our experienced chefs will guide you through he fundamentals of kitchen techniques, recipe development and menu planning while providing hands-on training in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Case Study

Panelto Foods jump-starts staff growth with return to education scheme

TUS Flexible Learning regularly partners with Industry stakeholders to help them achieve their upskilling needs. The Faculty are currently developing bespoke learning opportunities for organisations that are linked to their personal development plan goals, delivered Online, customised to their learning requirement, delivered at their own pace, that provide a qualification for colleagues on the National Framework of Qualifications.

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Paddy Dunican - Executive MBA

What will your first step be towards a sucessful career?

We help students stay ahead in rapidly changing industries.

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Driving innovation for leading brands

The M.Sc in Quality Management and Validation has enhanced my level of understanding with Quality Systems and Standards, along with Operations, Statistics, Strategy and Research.

It has added value and knowledge to areas of Quality, across Industries outside of my own and this knowledge, has given me a confidence to hold my own in an environment that would have normally been out of reach. The M.Sc programme offers access to a network of the greatest bunch of students ever, along with alumni, faculty, and business leaders both local and international. Working in a virtual world has not limited the access to any of these support networks and likely the main reason I have been able to get through the course while balancing work and family commitments. If you are considering taking that next step forward in your career, I would highly recommend the Master of Science program in TUS

Kevin Wall

Master of Science in Quality Management and Validation

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